Data Normalization

The Problem
In the fund world, data come from a multitude of sources: accounting, portfolio, risk, performance and registration systems as well as data vendors and other analytical sources. Some or all of these are needed for the creation of multiple documents, regulatory filings and other publications.

The Answer
Ensuring that these data are consistent, accurate and reliable creates resource, quality and cost issues. And once you have spent the time ensuring that all is in order, a printer, who re-creates your reports, is introduced to the process.

FundHive eliminates these issues by storing data in a single trusted database. This single source creates all of your statements, tables and disclosures by mapping the data across multiple documents, thus fulfilling numerous requirements. By normalizing the data, FundHive ensures the data integrity and accuracy that you need. But data normalization alone is not enough to create an efficient, repeatable process. FundHive’s automated workflows roll-forward your documents for the next publication event, ensuring consistency and removing redundancy.

With FundHive, it is as simple as – load the data, print the document – with full confidence that your data are accurate and quality is assured.

Content Synchronization

The Problem
As with data, textual content must be consistent across multiple documents, and this consistency applies not only across a single fund complex but across your full range of funds.
Maintaining the content for many documents, with the interaction of several parties – who may not even be in the same country, company or department – can create control and logistical issues, ultimately leading to inconsistency and content drift.

If you add into this mix a multi-layered collaboration, editing and approval process, and possible language translations, you may experience serious process bottlenecks and deadline concerns.
The Answer
FundHive eliminates these issues by using a single source multi-language content management system. The centralized content library allows for disclosure to be created, stored, edited and shared between multiple parties, across multiple documents, funds, fund complexes, and languages.

Our customized workflows allow you to build in the collaboration, notification and approval process you need to manage your documents from creation through publication. Version control and content synchronicity ensure updates flow automatically into documents based upon effective and publication date requirements.

Through real-time, synchronistic editing done in MS Word, FundHive puts you back in control of your content without fundamentally changing your process.

Multi-Channel Publishing

The Problem
In the past when you published a document, a printed copy in the post was all your clients wanted. Now they expect much more.

Clients consume content from the web, on tablets or smartphones, and through consolidated sources that can compare your funds against your competitors. Few use printed matter.

Traditional providers tried to adapt to this new environment, but that adaptation led to additional areas of quality control and version management for you, again increasing resource requirement and strain. Add into this mix regulatory requirements for HTML, XML and XBRL, and you may have some real transformation concerns.
The Answer
FundHive addresses the multi-channel publication problem by providing a synchronized multi-channel delivery system.

Once your publications’ data and content are approved, FundHive simultaneously produces all of the output requirements you need. From typeset PDF, HTML, XML, XBRL, EDGAR, data file, to web portal delivery, FundHive allows you to publish formats concurrently from the same single source, thus ensuring the accuracy of your publication.

For the first time you have a system that puts you in control of the whole process and eliminates the cost of using third-party providers.

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How FundHive™ Enables Investment Management Companies to Reduce Document Production Cost, Time and Errors


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