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Enabling strategic change across your organisation, allowing you to deliver insight and value to your clients, faster and more efficiently.

  • Centralized Data Storage
  • Automation
  • Fund Monitoring
  • Production Platform
  • Dissemination

Our Approach

all fund data and
content centrally
data & content to
create any output

How We Empower

Fund Static Data

Automatically initiating process driven by the changes in your data. Update websites, create documents and data files, disseminate output and instantly update distribution and management information. Providing your sales team with the latest product information

Content Insight

Market updates, performance reports and investment objectives, instantly available through out your organisation, as well as the latest regulations, risks and disclosure requirements, managed by the experts in your business

Compliance Data

A single environment for all your staff to share the same verified data and information, quickly efficiently, allowing them to provide more value to your clients and ultimately improving your performance.

Cutting edge features that keep you ahead


Change a disclosure or an investment object once and have the system update all relevant documents automatically. No cut & paste, no refreshing links, just approve to complete the update.


Define multiple business rules that get fired based on the fund data or registration


Get SRRI, OCF and performance calculated and monitored automatically; the software generates documents and alerts users when a new document needs to be issued or the NAV is out of specified tolerance.


Stay Connected and in Sync

Connect all of your company to a single source of information for your funds and give them the power to deliver greater value to clients.

Get Foresight with Insights

Get a depth analysis of your funds with the business tools, so you can review, compare & take decisions for the future.

Ensure Data Consistency

Rest assured that all your fund information, data, content, documents and outputs are consistent all the time.

Enable Time & Cost Efficiency

Create, manage & disseminate data from a single system with the provision to run multiple cycles at once, thereby reducing the time & cost of the production cycle.

Be Stress-Free with Automatic Updates

Data-driven automation that is initiated by changes in your funds data, drive daily updates, weekly reports, monthly market information, point of sale, dissemination and regulatory update, automatically.

Enjoy Seamless Collaboration

Enable smooth & controlled workflow regardless of user locations with the centralised cloud-based system that provides multiple access and scope for collaboration.

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