Create, manage and distribute,

documents, data files and web feeds

with customizable workflows

that work the way you do.

Start Small

Start off with as little as one document type and immediately realize the benefits of a system that puts you in control.

Then Leverage The Benefits

You can add new document types, data files or web feeds at any time, leveraging on everything you have already created.

Add more data or content and the number of outputs you can create is limitless.

Fund Static Data

Fund Static Data is at the heart of FUNDHIVE, it allows the system to understand the relationships between Fund, Sub-Fund, Share Class, language and distribution requirements.


This understanding enables the system to create the right number of documents or data feeds you need automatically.

It enables content to be managed automatically based upon language or distribution country.

It ensures that the right documents go to the right place.



From simple document production to the calculation of performance, FUNDHIVE offers the most efficient document production, distribution and website integration workflow from a single application.





Whether you struggle from managing multiple updates, or from dealing with jurisdictional issues, FUNDHIVE provides you with a single application to manage your production.


Client Reports

Client reporting just got easier, with the single application that manages your multiple format client reporting requirements, from documents to data files, in a fully automated workflow.


Key Information

UCITS or PRIIPs key information documents  easily handed in a single application, from simple SRRI calculations to complex risk scenarios, with full document generation and distribution capabilities.

Data is becoming the issue of the age, from multiple formats, the wide range of requirements and delivery options. FUNDHIVE manages this all for you in a single application.



FUNDHIVE can create all of your financial statements, for your multiple GAAP requirements, in fully automated workflows, that help you manage in the internal and external production requirements.